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“Shoutout to the Parachute team! The tools I learned, like the elevator pitch, boosted my confidence and helped me during a 4 hour interview that was only supposed to last 2 hours. They liked me so much that I got an offer at the end!”

Leonardo Escaroz, Software Engineer

“Parachute has truly been a game-changer for me. As a recent coding bootcamp graduate, their career training program provided invaluable support that shifted my career journey. From fine-tuning my networking skills to setting SMART goals, I've gained a toolkit that's made a real difference in the competitive world of software engineering.”

Angie Maticorna, Software Engineer

“The Parachute team helped me understand my personal brand as a valuable employee and gave me the confidence to nail my interviews. I’m so grateful for the experience, and will take it with me throughout my career path.”

Kara Bassman, Master Data Analyst

“I had my 1:1 with this morning. I've never gotten so much help with my personal pitch before as I did with my Parachute coach in 15-20 mins. Thanks so much!”

Lora Rusinouskaya, Front End Software Engineer

“Thank you Parachute coaches for your time and expertise! I am grateful for the specific insights that I can translate into actions as I revamp my resume.”

Maria Luisa Rayan - UX Researcher

“I just received a job offer as a computer technician for a school district. My resume is sharp and my elevator pitch was spectacular, thanks to Parachute. Thank you for what you are doing and for inspiring me, and many others, to achieve greatness.”

Ivan Piceno