We Partner With

Alongside our direct support for individual tech job seekers, Parachute collaborates with educators and non-profits

  • Individuals

    Empower individual's tech career journey with our comprehensive career development training, tailored for college and bootcamp graduates, career changers, and unemployed job seekers preparing for the tech job search process.

  • Educators

    We collaborate with educators to deliver customized career services, elevating post-graduation success rates and enhancing academic reputation for bootcamps and traditional higher learning organizations.

  • Non-profits

    Job search training programs, group workshops and seminars, and career counseling services tailored to the needs of nonprofit staff and community members.

Putting People First

We offer career training in a supportive group environment and personalized guidance from experienced career coaches, ensuring no one goes through their job search journey alone.

  • COMMUNITY | Receive and give encouragement in an online community

  • CLOSE-KNIT COHORTS | Grow your job search skills with your peers

  • VIRTUAL SESSIONS | Learn from experts during live weekly classes

  • CAREER COACHING | Meet 1:1 with career coaches who care

  • RESOURCES | Attend group workshops and access online tools 24/7

How We Stand Out:

We are people focused, technology enabled.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Our online career training programs provide secure, 24/7 access to virtual sessions, online materials, and student metrics. We harness the power of AI-powered tools to enhance the learning experience.

  • Community Support

    Our Career Accelerator programs foster collaborative learning and mutual support among members, complemented by dedicated coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions


    People learn best when they are part of a supportive community environment rather than isolated. Preparing for the job search process should be no different. Unfortunately, when it comes to career development, many students, graduates and experienced professionals are forced to figure out how to land a new job on their own, lacking the instruction and encouragement needed to succeed. Parachute believes job seekers deserve better. We provide the community support, tools, and guidance to succeed.


    We offer a cohort-based career accelerator program that encourages a collaborative learning environment where members are given live virtual instruction, access to a comprehensive suite of online resources and experienced career coaches to help guide them every step of the way.


    Parachute is for anyone who wants help preparing for the tech job search process including college and bootcamp graduates, career changers, and unemployed job seekers.


    Parachute is committed to making sure no one ever feels alone on their career journey. Unlike traditional services, we focus on a 'people first' approach through our emphasis on community support, personalized 1:1 coaching and individually tailored development resources.


    Starting your journey with Parachute is easy. Click on 'Sign In' in the menu and create an account, or click on 'Free Preview' in the course overview.